Rules FAQ


Q: Can I assign to any space on Command Cards or do I need to assign from left to right?
A: You may assign to any space, and do not need to assign the spaces from left to right. For example, on Headquarters, you may assign to the Advance action without assigning to either of the Deploy actions.
Q: Where do Units go when they are destroyed?
A: Destroyed Units go to your Reserve. Reserve Units may be brought back to your Barracks with the Conscription.
Q: Can I upgrade a Command Card with a Sabotage token on it?
A: Yes. The Sabotage token will be removed.

Tactical Advantage Cards

Q: What does “Assigned Total” mean?
A: Assigned Total is the sum of all the face values assigned to the Tactical Advantage Card. For instance, if you were to assign a 4, 5, and 6 to the Danger Close card, the assigned total would be 4 + 5 + 6 = 15.
Q: When using Armoured Support, does the added die have to match the die I’m supporting?
A: No. The requirement for Armoured Divisions being “doubles” only applies to the deploy action on the Headquarters Command Card.
Q: Can I use Armoured Support to stack a third dice on an existing Armoured Support?
A: No. You cannot ever stack 3 or more dice.
Q: Could you give an example of how Espionage works?
A: If you were to assign a 1 and 3 to Espionage, then when resolving you would roll the yellow damage die. On a 5 or 6, one of the assigned dice is destroyed. In either case, you still steal the research token.
Thematically, the “one” die is a spy given some amount of support. The more support you give them, the higher chance they have to escape safely! With a 5 or 6 supporting them, they have no chance of being destroyed.


Q: If a Unit changes its value, can it change its type?
A: Yes. For example, imagine you have an Armoured Division made up of two 4s. This Unit has 8 health. You then engage a Heavy Infantry of value 5 and take 5 damage. The enemy Heavy Infantry is destroyed. Your top die takes the first 4 damage, depleting it. Then your bottom die takes the remaining 1 damage and is reduced to a 3. Being a value of 3, it is immediately considered a Light Infantry for all future effects.
Q: What happens when a Light Infantry engages with an Armoured Division of lower value?
A: Light Infantry never deal damage to Armoured Divisions. Even a small Armoured Division made of stacked 1s will destroy any Light Infantry without taking damage.
Q: I have the Special Ops card that makes my 4s count as Light Infantry. Can they deal damage to Armoured Divisions?
A: No. Your 4s get the benefit of being able to move twice per advance but lose the ability to deal damage to Armoured Divisions.
Q: If I engage a Unit on the Field Hospital and survive, does my Unit get the +2 bonus?
A: Yes. The Field Hospital triggers and you now control it, so, your Unit’s value is increased by 2.